My favourite things

Below are the props I love and regularly use. I would never recommend anything I haven’t tried myself.

Fleece blankets are great for making your surface softer.
Soft round bolster. I use this one all the time.
Yoga straps are great for restorative poses, or for binds when your hands don’t quite meet.
I love practicing with foam blocks, they’re sturdy but much softer than cork blocks.
Liforme yoga mats are my favourite: they’re longer and wider than regular mats, and super grippy, so no sliding in downward facing dog!

Buddha Pants

Click on any of the images and use code YOGAWITHSASKIA10 for 10% off. I wear a size large (the largest they currently do) and I’m a UK size 18/20 in bottoms. They fit me very comfortably.

My favourite chai teas

I love starting my morning with a cup of this tea. Try it with a bit of oat milk!
My second favourite tea. I also have this with a dash of oat milk.

Try this if you like liquorice, I love it!!

Some of the links are “affiliate links”, meaning if you purchase through that link I receive a small commission from your purchase without you paying any extra. Click on the images to buy.

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