Personally I love the slower forms of yoga with longer-held poses and Saskia’s class delivers the opportunity to spend time deep in poses but also builds heat and strength. A wonderful, unpretentious teacher and powerful practice.

~ Ella ~

I really enjoyed the zoom course I took with Saskia, even though I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years I’ve never had the chance to be taught curvy yoga for my body type. I learnt so much and how to use props to make my practice better for me. I also gained confidence as a curvy yogi and now I’m happy to do an in person (or zoom) yoga class in just my sports bra and shorts, all thanks to Saskia! I also loved getting to know Saskia as a person in the after class chats we had on zoom. I would recommend Saskia’s classes to all.

~ Rachel ~

I really enjoyed the classes with Saskia, they were a good mix of restorative and challenging and went at a good pace. I loved all of Saskia’s advice on how to make complicated yoga poses accessible to me with the help of my props. As a teacher, she is friendly, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. I left each class feeling relaxed and proud of what I’ve achieved.

~ Sara ~

I always wanted to do yoga, but I thought it was not suited to my curvy body type, until I joined Saskia’s curvy yoga class. She is very kind, friendly and warm, and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. If any pose is too difficult she gives options to make them easier with the use of props. I totally recommend!

~ Niloefar ~

Saskia’s yin session is my treat of the week. It’s so nice to be lead in such a calm & caring energy. Saskia makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I am loving her online classes through lockdown, they are helping to keep my body and mind balanced and it’s lovely to keep that community feeling. Her sequences are beautifully created and every week my body feels great. I head off to bed straight after as I am so relaxed. Never want savasana to end. Thank you Saskia, keep sharing your lovely ways and looking forward to next week’s class. Namaste.

~ Kate ~

Highly recommend! I had my first introduction to yoga by Saskia and am still very excited about it. Saskia’s nature is kind, friendly and calm, so has everything you look for in a good teacher.​

~ Claudia ~

I totally recommend! Slow but very deep yin yoga class. The teacher had a lovely relaxing voice and presence.

~ Elizabeth ~

Really amazing class with Saskia who has a brilliant way of guiding the flow through a gorgeous moving meditation and really helped reconnect me to myself after a busy day and transition into floaty evening mode. Didn’t want to leave!

~ Kayuri ~

Very helpful. Good pace.

~ Rizwan ~

Gorgeous teacher. Going into a busy work Friday very happy, def a five star.

~ Sue ~

Saskia is a great yoga teacher. Her classes are very inclusive and well-led. She is very knowledgable about asanas and other pillars of yoga. I have enjoyed Saskia’s classes a lot and I hope to take part again soon.

~ Kasia ~

I’m still a complete beginner and always a bit nervous going to a new class but Saskia made me feel immediately at ease. She has such a kind and calming energy! Her Yin Yoga class helps melt the day away and always leaves me feeling relaxed. She’s very good at accommodating everbody’s degree of ability and making everybody feel welcome. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.

~ Begonia ~

I start my week every Monday with Saskia’s yin yoga class that gives me the kick for the rest of the week, relaxing yet a very effective form of yoga. Saskia is very inspirational, fun and supportive yoga instructor. She can lead a class of multiple abilities at once, always knowing what everyone needs, I never want the class to end! I feel balanced, happy and relaxed each time.

~ Pinar ~

I felt welcome and class was simply amazing

~ Jose Harry ~

Superb class

~ Tom~

A relaxing class for beginners like me. Saskia was super careful making sure we were in the right position.

~ Viviane ~